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Your sport centre in Annandale

Widow Maker Archery is an all-round sport centre in Annandale. Our facilities are comfortable and flexible, allowing our members to engage in a wide variety of sporting activities.

We offer our members a safe place to practise their favourite sport. Our modern equipment and facilities make every sport a rewarding and exciting event. Through strong relations with various sporting leagues, we offer our members highly competitive activities and an opportunity to excel.

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We are proud to offer our members premier facilities that are flexible, appealing and convenient. At our sport centre, there's a sport for everyone!

  • Indoor and outdoor sports
  • Flexible hours
  • Leagues
Join us today and improve your health, your stamina or your game!


We understand that our members want a place where they can safely enjoy their favourite activity. At Widow Maker Archery, we make it our priority to give our members the best services and facilities.

We welcome new members and make them feel at home. Whether for fun or competition, Widow Maker Archery is Annandale’s place for sport lovers.